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Welcome to the Enroll-HD Portal, your access point to contribute to the largest database of clinical data for Huntington’s disease (HD). The overarching objective of Enroll-HD is to accelerate the development of therapeutics for HD by:
  • compiling uniform clinical data and biological samples to better understand the natural history of HD;
  • building a more comprehensive database – including biological samples – that will be accessible to any HD investigator worldwide;
  • facilitating clinical sub-studies and the development of validated HD assessment tools;
  • fostering good clinical care and improving health outcomes for both patients and families;
  • expediting recruitment into future global clinical trials of candidate therapeutics.
Enroll-HD Newsletter and Monthly News Bulletin:
The monthly News Bulletin and quarterly newsletter for research participants and site staff can be found on the Enroll-HD website.
Enroll- HD Study Status:
Total Participating sites: 187 (179)
Participating countries: 23  
Total participants: 30'038 (21'414)
Total visits: 153'966  
July 21, 2023.
Enroll-HD News:
Plasma Collection 1.0 (July 2019)
  • Selected sites have been invited to participate in a longitudinal collection of plasma.
  • Site selection has been based on several criteria.
  • The Enroll-HD EDC has been upgraded to allow to collect plasma from participants.
HDClarity 3.0 (May 2019)
  • Study protocol 3.0 implemented (annual sampling visits)
  • Partial sampling visits possible
  • Further enhancements
Enroll-HD 1.10 (Feb 2019)
    • Change in sample collection and biokit orderig
    • Change of participant overview and creation of new visits
    • Change of hdid creation and verification page
    • Change of date fields
    • Save & Sign button and submission of visits for review
    • Continue data entry for general data
    • Many further enhancements
     enroll-1.10-release-notes, 882 kBdownload
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